Mission Statement

Bartels Mikrotechnik is a pioneer in the microfluidics business. We offer more than twenty years of experience to our customers.

Our goal is to push on innovations together with our customers.

As a product-oriented innovator, Bartels Mikrotechnik is also an efficient producer for selected microfluidics products.

Quality plays a very important role. Our goal is to convince through good performance and successful products. In addition to quality management, we also rely on a 100% control of our components.

The right communication inside and outside of the company is the basis for a good performance. Therefore Bartels internally relies on a common digital communication platform since many years.

The basis of a good cooperation with customers and suppliers is an open communication and an acceptance based on partnership. Only a fair co-existence can permanently establish a business relationship to a mutual benefit.

Bartels Mikrotechnik acts based on the idea of man that is characterized by freedom and self-determination. As a result, Bartels Mikrotechnik is committed to giving its employees all the opportunities for growth within the company that they are willing and able to realize. In the long term, Bartels Mikrotechnik would like to further develop its internal organizational forms in such a way as to enable a maximum compatibility between development in the workplace and the private sector, in the case of maintenance or improvement of the efficiency of the action.

Our goal is to secure the future of the company by achieving a profitable solution for the customer and for Bartels Mikrotechnik and thus also to ensure the safety of the workplaces of the employees.