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    Bartels Mikrotechnik is now available on social media.

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    You will find current topics concerning our products, developments and events on our pages. 

    In the age of hashtags, tweets and followers, you can find us on:

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    • Xinq
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    Join our community. We appreciate your interest.

  • COMPAMED 2016 Open or Close


    COMPAMED 2016

    Coming up soon: On November 14 the trade fair COMPAMED in Düsseldorf will open its doors.

    com1601 ak03 cmyk01
    We look forward to welcoming you at our stand.

    You can make an appointment for a meeting ahead of your trade fair visit – that way we can talk about your projects and your individual requirements with time and in peace.

    You can contact us by using our contact form.

    When: 14.-17. November 2016, 10:00- 18:30 Uhr
    Where: COMPAMED 2016
    Messe Düsseldorf, Germany
    Stockumer Kirchstraße
    40474 Düsseldorf
    Booth: Halle 8a, Stand-Nr. 8aH12

    Our team is looking forward welcoming you at our booth.

  • A new Distributor for China Open or Close


    A new Distributor for China – FuanBiomechatronic Cop.

    Bartels Mikrotechnik would like to inform you, that we have a new Distributor for China, the company FuAnBiomechatronics Corporation.


    FuAn is a family business who has more than 36 years of experience in automation and medical industry, and have successfully accumulated reputation in the Far East as a trustworthy exclusive distributor for many well-known companies in Europe and the USA. Two core business lies in medical device components such as sensors, valves, and pumps and medical 3D printers. The company has offices in Shanghai and Fujian in China.

    FuAn will support Bartels with his strong knowledge of the Chinese market and his high level application engineers and sales team in future.

    Contact details:
    Shanghai FuAnBiomechatronic Cop.
    Cheng-Pei Jerry Wu
    Phone: +86 21-20786919
    Email: info(at)

    We are looking forward for a successful business relationship.

  • 7. NRW Nano-Conference Open or Close


    7. NRW Nano-Conference


    The NRW Nano-Conference in Münstermoves into the seventh round.


    We are exhibiting on this conference as well.

    Organizer: Ministerium für Innovation, Wissenschaft und Forschung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen; Cluster NMWP.NRW; Wirtschaftsförderung Münster GmbH
    Date&Time:  07.12.2016 08:30 AM – 09:30 PM
      08.12.2016 08:30 AM – 06:00 PM
    Place: Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland, Albersloher Weg 32, 48155 Münster


    Our team is looking forward welcoming you at our booth and discussing your projects and ideas with you to identify where we can support you with our passion for microfluidics

  • New entry in the mp6 product family Open or Close


    New entry in the mp6 product family - the mp6-PI micropump

    When using the Bartels micropumps only one single material gets in contact with pumped medium inside the pump.


    Currently Bartels Mikrotechnik offers two different versions: The mp6 which all media-touching parts are produced of Polyphenylsulfon (PPSU) and since 2012 the mp6-pp, which are all media-touching parts constructed of Polypropylen (PP).

    Both productsare already showing a good chemical permanence and compatibilityfor many materials, but not for everything. To cover further areas, we are happy to introduce another variation.

    A saying means „ A chain is only as strong as the weakest limb.“ We identified the weakest limb and substituted it. In this variation of the micropump the valve foil consists of Polyimidfoil (PI) (e.g. Kapton).

    Polyimides are a groupof plastics highly resistant to temperature which contain a typical Imid-group.
    Polyimides are resistant against watered acids, organic solvents, fuels, fat, nicotine, odoriferous substances, aromas and oils.

    Already in the beginning of 2017 the mp6-PI will be available in small to middle quantities. If you would like to stay updated about the newest stage of the development of the mp6-PI, follow us at Facebook, Twitter & Co.

  • the mp-x.sense sensor control Open or Close


    New entry in the electronics product family - the mp-x.sense sensor control

    To operate the mp6 micropump you can use the micropump control mp-x.sense now.

    sensor mp x

    Whereas the previous model requires setting all parameters of the pump manually, the new mp-x.sense has an internal control which keeps the flow rate of the connected pump at a given value.
    This is accomplished by a continuous measurement of the flow rate by a connected sensor. The measured value is fed back to adjust the voltage.

    In addition the sensor based controlling can be disabled and the voltage can be set by the buttons on the front. So it will continue to be possible to control the pump in manual mode.

    You also can connect the micropump control mp-x.sense via USB-port with a PC. It’s possible to control it manually with the NI LabVIEW interface and to add more elements to your control.

    The case of the new mp-x.sense complies with the case of the old one and therefore they are stackable.


  • MD&M West 2017en Open or Close


    MD&M West 2017

    On February 7 the trade fair MD&M West in Anaheim will open its doors.


    We look forward to welcoming you at our booth. You can make an appointment for a meeting ahead of your trade fair visit – that way we can talk about your projects and your individual requirements with time and in peace.

    You can contact us by using our contact form.

    When: 7.-9. February 2017
    Where: MD&M West 2017

    Anaheim Convention Center
    Anaheim, CA
    Booth: 2978

    Our team is looking forward welcoming you at our booth.

  • New entry in the mp product family - the mp-filter Open or Close


    New entry in the mp product family - the mp-filter


    The latest product from Bartels Mikrotechnik, the mp-filter, is a supplement to our product range, which protects the microfluidic system from particles.

    mp filter

    Usually the micropump only discharges media which have a particle size smaller than 50 μm. With the use of the mp-filter, it is now possible to convey media with a particle size larger than 50 μm, since the micropump is well protected against harmful influences.



    21 mm x 5.5 mm (length x wrench size)
    0.82677 in. x 0.2165 in.

    Fluidic connectors

    barbed tube clip, length : 5.6 mm
    for tubing with internal diameter: 1.3 mm

    Filter porosity 20 – 50 µm
  • Micropump mp6-med with medical connectors Open or Close


    Micropump mp6-med with medical connectors

    In medical technology, devices are mostly connected to each other via Luer or Luer-Lock connectors.

    The Luer system is a standardized connection system for those systems. The customary used terms are "male - female" or "male - female" or "m - f". While the simple Luer connection is comparable to a standard grounding plug (m) and a standard grounding sleeve (f) in miniature format, the Luer-Lock connection also has a locking function. The connection is fixed by a slight rotation and also loosened accordingly.

    The Luer system guarantees compatibility between different manufacturers and is internationally standardized.

    On demand our micropump is now also available with the medical connections, so it is easy to produce tightness and the compatibility with the requirements in medical technology is guaranteed.


    Connectors made of stainless steel:    
     Version E.1  VersionE2 Version E.3
     Version E.1  Version E.2  Version E.3
    Connectors made of plastics:    
    VersionK1 VersionK1 VersionK3
    Version K.1 Version K.2 Version K.3