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As each application has its own requirements, we have developed for this purpose various control units, which are covering the different areas to a large extent.

For laboratory applications, we are offering the extended micropump control mp-x. It is able to drive one micropump mp6, mp6-pp or mp6-AIR or two micropumps mp5. Driving signals, amplitude and frequency can be adjusted individually.

For quick starting with the micropumps, the evaluation boards mp6-EVA and mp6-QuadEVA offer easy to use controller hardware.
The mp6-QuadKEY offers even more flexibility via an Arduino board.

For integration purposes in mobile devices, in devices of small construction sizes and generally onto PCBs of any kind, the OEM driver chips mp6-OEM and mp6-QuadOEM were designed to offer most of the functionality required to drive the micropumps.

Select a suitable control unit for your application:


  • mp6-OEM controller Open or Close

    The OEM-controller drives the micropump at adjustable performance in a package similar to an integrated circuit. mp6 OEM

    This allows an integration of the pump control directly into the system electronic or on a PCB board. The controller generates up to 270 Vpp voltage from a 3-5 VDC supply. The build-in interface allows the user to adapt frequency and/or amplitude to its application by the use of a few additional components or a microcontroller.


    Its low power consumption makes it ideal for battery powered handheld devices or even solar powered devices.

    The mp6-OEM at a glance:

    • developed for small available space and integrable design
    • enables a part of the pump performance range
    • can be enhanced with external components (for larger requency range)
    • optimized power consumption
    • cost-effective control


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  • mp6-EVA Evaluationboard Open or Close

    The evaluation board enables the simple use of the mp6, mp6-AIR and mp6-pp based on the mp6-OEM controller. mp6 EVA

    Next to preset standard parameter (270 Vpp, 100 Hz) the mp6-EVA also allows to adjust the pump parameters, partly by external tuning.

    As the supply voltage of the module can be provided via USB (no data interface), just attach it to a USB power supply and start the evaluation. Alternatively, it can also be supplied by a 2.5 – 5 V voltage source.

    The mp6-EVA at a glance:

    • evaluation board of the mp6-OEM
    • Frequencies up to 800 HZ
    • 5 V power supply via USB (no communication)
    • ready to use with the mp6/mp6-AIR/mp6-PP micropump
    • control the flow of the pump by simple amplitude adjustment (potentiometer)
    • can be enhanced with external components (for larger frequency range)


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  • mp-x controller Open or Close

    Driving the micropump with the mp-x allows you to gather comprehensive results in short x

    You will also be able to consider the sometimes complex interaction of micro- and macrofluidics with direct measurements of your system right from the beginning. Furthermore you will also be able to conclude about how to integrate the micropump into any of your systems.

    For that purpose you can connect the mp-x via USB-port with a PC, manually control it with the NI-LabView interface and turn it into a fully automatized control. Experiments with systems in which pressure-, flow- or other –sensors gather additional data are easily achievable. You can start with basic LabView routines that we implemented already for you. Independent of the NI-LabView develop environment you can choose every other computer language that can handle the communication with an emulated serial interface.

    The mp-x at a glance:

    • for the whole operating range
    • PC-control via USB possible
    • automatable measuring routines are easy to create
    • LabView routines available


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  • mp6-QuadEVA Evaluationboard Open or Close

    The mp6-QuadEVA is an evaluation board that allows controlling up to four mp6 micropumps simultaneously with one setting and up to a frequency of 800 Hz. mp6 QuadEVA

    It is possible to change pump voltage and pump frequency directly with the rotary control elements at the board or via USB. Simple control software is provided with the board. Also any terminal software can be used to remotely control frequency and amplitude or enable/disable each of the four pumps.

    The mp6-QuadEVA at a glance:

    • evaluation board for controlling up to four micopumps simultaneously
    • higher frequences up to 800 Hz
    • primarly designed to power the mp6-AIR
    • controlling amplitude and frequence locally
    • 7.5 V power supply
    • P C-control via USB possible


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  • mp6-QuadOEM controller Open or Close

    An alternative to the mp6-OEM is the mp6-QuadOEM. It allows to control up to four micropumps. mp6 QuadOEM

    The mp6-QuadOEM comes in a package similar to an integrated circuit that enables integration into system electronics or on a PCB.

    The driving frequency, amplitude and also the driving signal is adjustable. Sine signal and rectangle are available amongst others. Every pump can be activated and deactivated individually. This driver is configured and controlled through an I²C interface.

    The mp6-QuadOEM at a glance:

    • controller for driving up to four micopumps simultaneously
    • higher frequences up to 800 Hz
    • primarly designed to power the mp6-AIR
    • configuration and controlling (e.g. amplitude and frequency and waveform) over I2C-bus


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  • mp6-QuadKEY Evaluationboard Open or Close

    The mp6-QuadKEY is an evaluation board that allows controlling the mp6-QuadOEM through an Arduino Nano or pin compatible microcontroller. mp6 QuadKEY

    Up to four mp6 micropumps can be directly connected to the board. An external power supply terminal is available, but the board can also be powered through the microcontroller USB port. All of the microcontroller port pins are exposed for easy access (to connect external hardware).

    The mp6-QuadKEY comes with a demo software and source code.

    The mp6-QuadKEY at a glance:

    • evaluation board for the mp6-QuadOEM in conjunction with an Arduino compatible microcontroller
    • power supply through USB or external source
    • firmware-upload via USB
    • 20 microcontroller I/O pins at free disposal
    • serial interface via USB for controlling the board by PC


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