New entry in the electronics product family - the mp-x.sense sensor control

To operate the mp6 micropump you can use the micropump control mp-x.sense now.

sensor mp x

Whereas the previous model requires setting all parameters of the pump manually, the new mp-x.sense has an internal control which keeps the flow rate of the connected pump at a given value.
This is accomplished by a continuous measurement of the flow rate by a connected sensor. The measured value is fed back to adjust the voltage.

In addition the sensor based controlling can be disabled and the voltage can be set by the buttons on the front. So it will continue to be possible to control the pump in manual mode.

You also can connect the micropump control mp-x.sense via USB-port with a PC. It’s possible to control it manually with the NI LabVIEW interface and to add more elements to your control.

The case of the new mp-x.sense complies with the case of the old one and therefore they are stackable.