Microfluidic Systems in
Airport Security

Airport Security:
Advancement through Drug and Explosive Detection

The safety at airports is greatly enhanced by cutting-edge technologies in drug and explosive detection. The use of advanced scanners and sensors allows for the early detection of hidden substances and explosives. These measures ensure:

  1. Precise Identification: Reliable detection of even the smallest traces of drugs and explosives.
  2. Rapid Execution: Efficient checks without long waiting times for passengers.
  3. Increased Safety: Protection of travelers and staff from threats.

Through continuous innovations, airports ensure that traveling remains not only comfortable but also secure.

Handheld Devices with Micropumps Revolutionize Airport Security

The integration of micropumps into handheld devices for security checks at airports has significantly improved the detection of drugs and explosives.

This technological advancement increases the sensitivity of the devices through finer atomization of the samples, enabling the discovery of even the smallest traces of hidden substances.

At the same time, the precise and efficient sample delivery significantly shortens the analysis time, speeding up the execution of security checks and reducing waiting times for passengers.

The compact design of the devices allows security personnel to use them flexibly and effectively at various checkpoints.

This advanced technology enables more efficient and accurate identification of threats from drugs and explosive materials, making a significant contribution to enhancing airport security.

Case Study:
Active Sensor Feeding with Micropumps

In a case study conducted by microEngineering at Bartels, the use of active sensor feeding in monitoring air quality and detecting dangerous gases was examined.

By integrating their advanced micropump technology, significant improvements in the early detection of hazardous substances were observed.

The dedicated research team at Bartels demonstrated that the combination of active sample supply and highly sensitive gas analysis achieves an unprecedented level of precision and reliability.

This study highlights Bartels Mikrotechnik’s commitment to innovative solutions in safety technology.

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