Process Control

Process Monitoring in the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry constantly faces the challenge of optimizing the manufacturing processes of microchips and other semiconductor components.

Supreme precision, reproducibility, and cleanliness are essential. Every phase of the manufacturing process, from lithography to etching and cleaning of the wafers, must be carefully monitored and controlled to ensure the highest quality and yield.

Defective batches not only incur high costs but can also impact delivery capabilities. Hence, reliable process monitoring and control play a crucial role.

The Contribution of Microfluidics and mp6 Micropumps

In this context, microfluidics emerges as a key technology. It enables the handling of the smallest quantities of liquids with high precision, which is indispensable in many steps of semiconductor production.

Bartels Mikrotechnik’s mp6 micropump offers crucial advantages here.

Its ability to precisely dose and control liquids and gases enables even distribution of reagents and etching agents. This is particularly important in lithography and etching processes, where uniform layer thicknesses and precise etching profiles are crucial for product quality.

The mp6 pump is characterized by its compact size, high resistance to chemicals, and excellent dosing accuracy. These properties make it ideal for use in cleanroom environments, typical in the semiconductor industry.

By using mp6 micropumps, manufacturers can not only increase process accuracy but also reduce the consumption of expensive chemicals, thus saving costs. These benefits contribute significantly to enhancing efficiency in semiconductor manufacturing, thereby securing a competitive advantage.

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Optimize Your Industrial Processes with Us

With Bartels Mikrotechnik by your side, you can significantly enhance the performance and efficiency of your process monitoring, especially in the semiconductor industry.

Our mp6 micropump is the ideal solution for making your production processes more precise, faster, and cost-effective. We offer you not only top-notch microfluidic technology but also tailored support that’s precisely aligned with your needs.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your production processes, we’re here to support you. Discover how our microfluidic systems can transform your manufacturing workflows.

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