Miniaturize your System!

The Bartels Pump | BP 7

Small and Cheap Gas Handling

Profit from:

☑ Size reduction
☑ Low power consumption
☑ Cost-efficiency

Benefits at a Glance

The Bartels Pump | BP 7 – the newest pump by Bartels Mikrotechnik – works efficiently in small application areas. 

  • For liquids and gases
    • Liquid: Flow range (water) = 1µl/min – 10ml/min Pressure < 700mbar
    • Gas: Flow range (air) = 40ml/min Pressure < 200mbar
  • Only one wetted material
  • Small & light
    • 30mm x 15mm x 3.8mm
    • 2g
  • High volume production
  • Cost effective
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance ​
Two Bartels Pump BP7 Tubing samples displayed flat on a white background, shown from front and back angles, with two blue paper clips for size comparison.

Micropumps for Gas Handling

The micropump for gases, particularly air, is a versatile device designed for small-scale applications. This micro air compressor is ideal for tasks requiring compactness and efficiency. As a micro air pump, it ensures precise air transfer, maintaining consistent performance. The micro compressor variant further enhances this precision, offering reliable operation in limited spaces. 

The micro diaphragm air pump is perfect for applications needing steady and controlled air flow. Similarly, the micro pneumatic pump excels in delivering consistent pneumatic pressure. For applications requiring vacuum creation, the micro vacuum pump provides efficient air removal.

The mini pump vacuum is designed for small-scale vacuum applications, ensuring effective performance. The mini suction pump offers reliable suction capabilities, making it suitable for various uses. The mini vacuum pump combines compactness with efficiency, ensuring optimal performance in tight spaces.

The miniature vacuum pump is ideal for delicate tasks requiring precise vacuum control. Finally, the vacuum pump membrane ensures smooth and efficient operation, providing reliable performance across various applications. This range of micropumps offers tailored solutions for precise air and gas handling needs, ensuring efficiency and reliability in micro-scale systems.

Available Worldwide

Our micropumps and microfluidic components are available worldwide, in many countries also directly through our distributors!

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