Miniaturize your System!

The Bartels Pump | BP 7

Small and Cheap Liquid Handling

Profit from:

☑ Size reduction
☑ Low power consumption
☑ Cost-efficiency

Benefits at a Glance

The Bartels Pump | BP 7 – the newest pump by Bartels Mikrotechnik – works efficiently in small application areas.

  • For liquids and gases
    • Liquid: Flow range (water) = 1µl/min – 10ml/min Pressure < 700mbar
    • Gas: Flow range (air) = 40ml/min Pressure < 200mbar
  • Only one wetted material
  • Small & light
    • 30mm x 15mm x 3.8mm
    • 2g
  • High volume production
  • Cost effective
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance ​
Two Bartels Pump BP7 Tubing samples displayed flat on a white background, shown from front and back angles, with two blue paper clips for size comparison.

Micropumps for Liquid Handling

The micropump for liquids is a compact water pump designed for precise, small-scale fluid transfer. This low flow pump operates with minimal power, making it a highly efficient low power water pump. Ideal for sensitive processes, the low pressure water pump maintains consistent flow rates. The low water pump design fits into tight spaces, ensuring versatility. 

As a micro fluid pump and micro fluidic pump, it handles minute volumes with accuracy. The micro hydraulic pump and micro liquid pump variants are perfect for intricate applications, providing reliable performance. The mini hydraulic pump, utilizing pressure driven flow, suits small yet demanding tasks. 

This small fluid transfer pump and small liquid transfer pump ensure accuracy and reliability in low-volume transfers. The tiny water pump excels in space-limited setups. The water pump micro range and micro dosing pump offer tailored solutions for micro-level fluid handling, ensuring efficiency and precision. 

Available Worldwide

Our micropumps and microfluidic components are available worldwide, in many countries also directly through our distributors!

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