The small all-rounder

mp6 micropump series

  • For liquids and gases
    • Liquid:
      Flow range (water) = 1µl/min – 10ml/min
      Pressure < 700mbar
    • Gas:
      Flow range (air) = 40ml/min
      Pressure < 200mbar
  • Only one wetted material (plastic: PPSU)
  • Small & light
    30mm x 15mm x 3.8mm
  • High volume production
  • Cost effective
  • Low power consumption (P < 150mW)
  • Low maintenance

Even in the most demanding applications, our mp6 micropumps prove their versatility. Whether in medical and analytical technology, in mechanical engineering or in the fascinating world of space research – our micropumps set new standards.

Our mp6 micropumps are truly tiny, but they have what it takes. With extremely small dimensions and low weight, they are already equipped for many fields of application. But that is not all. These little powerhouses offer an impressive particle tolerance of up to 40 µm and are extremely temperature-resistant. This makes them a real all-rounder for a wide variety of applications.

Before an mp6 micropump leaves our factory and reaches you, it undergoes rigorous testing and quality control. This ensures that you can build your own microfluidic system directly without having to worry about any failures or weak points – there is no need to maintain our pumps. Rely on our robust and reliable micropumps.

Cost efficiency is an important factor in any industry. Our micropumps are made almost entirely of plastic, which allows us to manufacture them in high volumes at low cost. You have the choice between high-quality PPSU or PP material.

Innovative, reliable and cost-effective – these are the features that make our mp6 micropumps an unbeatable choice in the world of microfluidics.

Available Worldwide

Our micropumps and micofluidic components are available worldwide, in many countries also directly through our distributors!

If one of our components or micropumps does not meet your specifications, please contact us. Together we will find a solution to your problem. Our competent team has a lot of experience in development and production to innovatively advance your ideas.

The micropumps are offered individually and in evaluation sets. These sets allow you to gain application-specific experience and reduce your integration effort in a cost-efficient way. For this purpose, we offer you the appropriate platforms with our different control electronics.

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