Have you ever considered Micropumps?

The next generation of piezoelectric diaphragm pumps for microfluidic applications

Benefits at a Glance

The Bartels Pump | BP 7 – the newest pump by Bartels Mikrotechnik – works efficiently in small application areas. 

  • For liquids and gases
    • Liquid: Flow range (water) = 1µl/min – 10ml/min Pressure < 700mbar
    • Gas: Flow range (air) = 40ml/min Pressure < 200mbar
  • Only one wetted material
  • Small & light
    • 30mm x 15mm x 3.8mm
    • 2g
  • High volume production
  • Cost effective
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance ​
Two Bartels Pump BP7 Tubing samples displayed flat on a white background, shown from front and back angles, with two blue paper clips for size comparison.

Micropumps in Comparison to other Pump Types

This comparison provides an in-depth look at various pump types, with particular attention to the Bartels Pump. Alongside it, detailed information is provided on six other pump varieties, such as the precision-driven Piston Pump and the versatile Syringe Pump.

Micropump Gear pump Rotary vane pump Peristaltic pump Piston pump Syringe pump Disc pump
Low pulsation
Handles both fluids and gases
Single bio-compatible wetted material
High volume manufacturing
Very low power consumption
Low maintenance
Compact and lightweight
Low noise level
Chemically inert
Fast response time
Small internal volumes

Available Worldwide

Our micropumps and microfluidic components are available worldwide, in many countries also directly through our distributors!

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