Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Gasanalysis in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Gas analysis in MAP ensures product freshness and safety. Active gas sample analysis with micropumps offers decisive advantages:

  1. Precision: Continuous and accurate sampling for reliable measurements.
  2. Speed: Immediate detection of changes in the gas mixture.
  3. Efficiency: Minimised sample costs through targeted sampling.

Compared to passive monitoring, this method allows immediate and accurate quality assurance, which is critical for MAP integrity. Invest in technology that makes the difference.

Integration of the mp6 micropump and MOX sensors in gas analysis

The mp6 micropump revolutionizes active gas sampling with its compact size and precise control.

Combined with MOX sensors, known for their high sensitivity and fast response time, gas analysis becomes even more reliable. This synergy makes it possible to quickly detect and respond to even the slightest changes in the atmosphere.

The cooperation of mp6 micropumps and MOX sensors sets new standards in quality assurance and efficiency of gas monitoring.

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mp6 micropump for liquids and gas

Case study: Active sensor supply with micropumps

In a case study conducted, Bartels investigated the use of active sensor delivery in air quality and occupational safety monitoring.

By integrating our advanced micropump technology, significant improvements in the early detection of hazardous substances were identified.

Our dedicated research team has demonstrated that an unprecedented level of precision and reliability is achieved by combining active sample delivery with highly sensitive gas analysis.

This study underscores our commitment to innovative solutions in safety technology.

Case studies for the application examples

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