Case Study: Microfluidic cell culturing

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Cell culturing is an important tool in pharmaceutical development, cosmetics and food & beverage while also being a highly sensitive process. Besides chemical and biological parameters, i.e. pH value, temperature, feed concentration etc., the physilogical parameters and therefore the fluidic … Continued

Case Study: Fluidic mixing options

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Fluid mixing is the principle of merging two immiscible fluids to a homogenous ratio. As microfluidics is an enabling technology for bioprocesses in life sciences, mixing plays a very big role in applications such as biotechnological diagnostics, biosensing, DNA analysis … Continued

Case Study: Nano Dispensing

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There is a significant amount of applications that require the dispensing of very low amounts of liquids: Nano Dispensing. Especially the medical, life science and automotive industries often need to move highly viscose liquids at a very low rate. This … Continued

Case study: Thermal conductivity

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There are many reasons why it is important to identify the liquid in a microfluidic system. In this thermal conductivity case study, we take a closer look at one option to solve this challenge. Membrane-based micropumps like the mp6 micropump … Continued

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