Historie und Trend                                                                     Management

1996   start as an engineering service provider for microtechnics
1998   enlargement involving Laserjobshop with excimer laser
Since 2000   business division microEngineering
specilization in microfluidics
Since 2006   second business division: microComponents
development, production and distribution of components for active microfluidic devices
2014   relocation from the technology center to the MST factory at Phoenix West in Dortmund to extend the production facility
  Dr Frank Bartels    Dr. Frank Bartels
Founder / CEO
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  Monika Kremer  

Dipl.-Kffr. Monika Kremer
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  Lena Recnik   Lena Recnik
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  Florian Siemenroth   Florian Siemenroth
Technical support
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ivamCurrently IVAM (a microtechnology network) honorary chairman Dr. Frank Bartels is member of the Board of IVAM since over 20 years

Company Mission Statement

Bartels Mikrotechnik is an innovative supplier of products and developments in microsystems thatcr creates added value for its customers in a continually changing market environment.

Bartels Mikrotechnik stands for quality and reliability. Our company conducts itself fairly and honestly towards customers and business partners as a matter of course and communicates with them openly and respectfully.

Our diverse staff and interdisciplinary methods serve the customers’ best interest and also produce the best results. The reconciliation of professional and private life is just as important to us as an atmosphere of mutual appreciation, opportunities for development, individual responsibility and job satisfaction.

Sufficient profitability will protect the company, and hence jobs, in the long term. Our goal is to strengthen our position on the market and lead the company to robust growth.


For us, innovation means interdisciplinary work using the methods of the future. We combine and use new technologies for our products

Customer orientation

It is important for us to understand our customers and respond to their requests. Here good communication skills, honesty, fairness and loyalty to our customers are essential for us. We offer individual solutions and meet different customer requirements, and we always receive new customers with an open attitude.


Reliability means for us providing the agreed, expected quality.  This means that we put a premium on honesty. Precise communication and transparency contribute to compliance with our quality process.


Fairness within the company means that we treat each other with appreciation and with respect. We acknowledge the skills and personality traits of our fellow workers, and we practice sincere and open communication. The customer comes first, and we act honestly so that we are perceived as a fair-dealing company.


We treat each other with respect by accepting each other as we are. For us, respect also means that we show tolerance in our conduct and observe the rules for collaboration in our work together.


Our enthusiastic employees strive to achieve predefined goals, while contributing their own ideas to the process. The company supports them in this by providing a positive working environment.

Employee orientation

For us, employee orientation means enabling employees to pursue continuing training and not limiting their freedom and self-determination.  Achieving a balance between work and life is a central factor for our company.

Continuing development

The continuing technical and personal development of our employees is essential for us. We support them in their desire to learn new duties, while assisting them in improving their individual self-management.  For us, enhancing self-confidence and fostering teamwork skills are indispensable components of continuing individual development.


We have a responsibility to our customers. Fair dealing and honesty play a crucial role in this. Therefore all our actions are predicated on our employees’ own responsibility and the management’s responsibility for the company.

Goal orientation

We do not lose track of time, and we work flexibly. This requires reasonable planning that is consistently observed. In this way we can assess and examine our work process continually and improve it.