Predictive medicine


Predictive medicine is a branch of medicine that aims to identify patients at risk of developing a disease. Thanks to this, enabling either prevention or early treatment of that disease. Either single or more commonly multiple analyses are used to identify markers of future disposition to a disease.

Catching diseases early on is crucial in helping patients getting healthy faster. Sometimes, you can even prevent patients to get seriously ill at all. Microfluidics allows us to work on small, low-cost solutions that are easily implemented in the daily life of potential patients. One great example for predictive medicine comes from our partner AICUBE.



The aim of our customer AICUBE is “to enhance the level of secondary prevention of several non-communicable diseases such as Type II diabetes. We support early diagnosis of disorders to help early and effective treatments, and reduce associated complications.

Secondary prevention can be implemented by measuring values of specific biomarkers on a daily or weekly basis to gain statistically significant data.

We have therefore patented and developed a device that collects a saliva sample in a non-invasive mode by means of an “augmented” electric toothbrush. The saliva sample is then sent to a unit (Base) that measures the value of the reference biomarker. In addition, the handset hosts an accelerometer for determining a tremor severity index for parkinsonian patients.“

With predictive medicine life quality can be improved and cost of healthcare consequently reduced.

Our mp6 micropumps works inside the developed products of the company AICUBE
signet_bartels_final Kopie_klein

Bartels developed the fluidic circuit consisting of a micropump, active valves and an integrated optical sensor to realize the specified application of predictive medicine.


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