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Flow Control Software



For the activation of the “Flow Control” function in the mp-Multiboard2 software

Activation for:

– Low Direct

– High Direct
– Indirect Flow
– Volume Dispensing


For full use the following hardware is recommended:

– High liquid flow: mp-Driver
– Low liquid flow: mp-Lowdriver


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Flow Control Software – the dosing upgrade for your mp-Multiboard2


The mp-Multiboard2 comes with the option to unlock additional functions for more possible applications. The “Regulation” section is one of those and adds the possibility to have a mp6 micropump be regulated by a flow sensor. The Software package in combination with the right liquid flow sensor is a small but intelligent dosing systems. It allows flow rates to be set with the highest level of precision for different fluids – whatever the temperature or viscosity.

The Regulation software package is an optional add-on to the Multiboard2 software. With this software, you can set the desired flow rate for the system. Then, the software automatically chooses the right parameters to reach this flow rate quickly and accurately.

Within the Regulation software, you have the opportunity to dose either higher or lower flow rates:

  • The high flow rates range anywhere from 0.5 – 8 ml/min. To properly dose within this range, you need the liquid flow sensor SLF3s-1300F by our partner Sensirion as well as the mp6 micropump and the mp-Multiboard2.
  • The lower flow rates range from 0.005 -1 ml/min. In this case, you require a the Sensirion SLF3s-0600F liquid flow sensor in addition to the micropump and evaluation board.


Our goal with this software extension is to increase the functionality of the systems centred around the mp-Multiboard2. With new applications the sky’s the limit. Our experts at Bartels will be pleased to help you turn your innovative ideas into a marketable solution! Just contact us.


How to add-on the flow control software package

The Regulation software package is an add-on to the existing Multiboard2 app. It is an additional tab in the software interface that you can unlock.

You already have the mp-Multiboard2? Then you simply need to update your software to the newest version (you can find it in on download area). After that, you click on the newly appeared “Regulation” tab and follow the instructions on the screen. Please note that your need to have the mp6 micropump and the flow sensor suitable for the desired flow rate. Otherwise, the software add-on cannot function properly.

You don’t have the mp-Multiboard2 yet? No problem. We have specifically created a bundle with the software and all the components needed. Just head over to the Regulation software bundle.


For further details on the components and software mentioned on this page, please refer to our data sheets.

Additional information before purchase

Please note that the right of withdrawal expires with the purchase of the software. For this we would like to refer you to the document “change of the right of withdrawal “, which we require filled out and signed at the time of purchase.

Data Sheets

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