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Discover the future of inhalation therapy!

Bartels Mikrotechnik and Softhale have jointly developed a revolutionary, purely mechanical inhaler that works without electricity.

Dive into the success story behind this innovative project and learn how we are redefining medical technology.


The project we are presenting today has the potential to revolutionize medical diagnostics.

Bartels Mikrotechnik and GENSPEED Biotech have teamed up to develop point-of-care diagnostic devices that deliver fast and accurate results without going through laboratories.

Discover how this innovative partnership is transforming healthcare.

Saint Gobain

The fascinating collaboration between Bartels Mikrotechnik and Saint Gobain led to the creation of high-precision microfluidic prototypes.

This project shows how the right partnership and innovative technology can open the door to new markets.

Learn how this collaboration changed the game in the world of microfluidics.


Symbolbild für den Inhaler, den Bartels Mikrotechnik im Kundenprojekt mit Softhale zusammen entwickelt hat.

Inhaler - Without Batteries

The collaboration between Bartels Mikrotechnik and Softhale N.V. was initiated to find an innovative solution to a long-standing problem in medical technology.

The main concern was to develop an inhaler that works without an external power supply. Conventional inhalers relied on batteries or electrical charging, which limited handling and mobility for patients.

A low-power alternative was paramount to increase therapy efficiency and improve the patient experience.

The Nozzles

The cooperation led to the development of a pioneering microfluidic system based on a purely mechanical foundation. At the heart of this system is a precisely engineered spring that is tensioned to store energy.

The release of the stored energy activates silicone-glass jets that collide to produce ultra-fine jets. These jets atomize the applied medicine into the desired particle size, allowing effective inhalation.

The absence of electrical components and the use of mechanical principles make the inhaler extremely reliable and easy to handle.

Flüssigkeitsstrahlen, die symbolisch für die Düse als Lösung des Problems im Kundenprojekt mit Softhale stehen.
Zerstäubte Flüssigkeit, die symbolisch als Lösung für das Kundenprojekt mit Softhale steht.

Pioneering Innovation

The fruitful collaboration between Bartels Mikrotechnik and Softhale N.V. has led to a breakthrough result: a fully mechanical inhaler that operates without an external power supply. This innovative approach revolutionizes the way patients perform their inhalation therapy.

The inhaler ensures precise atomization of the medicine, resulting in more efficient absorption in the body. The compact and handy design of the inhaler makes it highly portable and user-friendly.

This successful cooperation underlines the commitment of both companies to excellence in medical technology and the continuous improvement of patient care.

Saint Gobain

Missing expertise - We help

The challenge for Saint Gobain was to add the promising field of microfluidics to its established portfolio. Although the company recognized the potential of this emerging technology, it lacked specific expertise and the necessary resources. To innovate in microfluidics and open up new fields of application, Saint Gobain sought solutions.

The development of high-precision laser processes for the production of microfluidic chips. The complex structures for droplet generation and micro mixers proved to be particularly challenging, as these processes required the highest precision and expertise.

Cooperation with Bartels Mikrotechnik

The cooperation with Bartels Mikrotechnik proved to be the optimal solution for Saint Gobain. Not only did we bring in-depth expertise in the field of microfluidics, but we also have expertise in the development and implementation of sophisticated laser processes.

Together, the companies combined their strengths: We contributed to the development of precise CAD models and used the laser processes to prototype mixer chips and droplet generation chips.

Together for innovation

The cooperation between Bartels Mikrotechnik and Saint Gobain led to impressive results.

Saint Gobain successfully took its first steps in the field of microfluidics together with Bartels, aiming for a long-term expansion of new markets.

This groundbreaking project underlined the positive effects of partnerships and the exchange of expertise in the dynamically developing microfluidics industry.


Acceleration of the diagnosis

Traditional laboratory diagnostics often require precious time and resources, especially in point-of-care diagnostics where rapid results are critical.

The delay in sending samples to laboratories and subsequent analysis can have serious consequences in acute medical situations or in remote regions.

This problem called for an innovative solution to deliver diagnostic results more efficiently and in a timely manner.

Symbolbild für die Probenentnahme, die durch das Kundenprojekt mit GENSPEED revolutioniert wurde.


In this context, GENSPEED Biotech and we have joined forces.

While we contribute our expertise in the development of microfluidic systems, GENSPEED Biotech offers expertise in the field of biotechnology.

Together, we develop advanced point-of-care diagnostic devices that enable rapid and accurate analysis of samples.

At the heart of the development was our mp6 micropump.

Results in minutes instead of days

The cooperation between GENSPEED Biotech and us promises a groundbreaking improvement in the field of point-of-care diagnostics. The microfluidic system and our mp6 micropump allow liquids to be precisely dosed in the system, thus avoiding measurement errors.

Thanks to this collaboration, diagnostic results can now be provided without delays due to transport to laboratories.

This is of particular importance for quick decisions in medical emergencies as well as for the care of patients in remote locations.

The synergy created between microtechnological innovations and biotechnological expertise could revolutionize healthcare and significantly improve diagnostic capabilities on a global scale.

Symbolbild für die Beschleunigung des Erhaltens eines Ergebnisses, die durch das Projekt erzielt wurde.

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