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The project, holds the potential to revolutionize medical diagnostics.

Bartels Mikrotechnik and GENSPEED Biotech have teamed up to develop point-of-care diagnostic devices that deliver fast and accurate results without going through laboratories.

Discover how this innovative partnership is transforming healthcare.

Kühner AG

Welcome to the future of shake flask measuring systems!

Our cooperation with Kühner AG has opened the door to a new era of precision.

Learn how Bartels Mikrotechnik’s groundbreaking mp6 gas pump is redefining microfluidics and taking the measurement of OTR, CTR and RQ to an unprecedented level.


Dive into the future of oral hygiene and preventive medicine!

The collaboration between Bartels Mikrotechnik and AICUBE has produced a revolutionary toothbrush.

This technology extracts microscopic saliva samples and even detects early signs of Parkinson’s.

Discover the innovation that takes your oral care to a new level.


Bartels Mikrotechnik’s project in collaboration with Leica redefines the future of microscopy

Learn how our groundbreaking water immersion supply, developed with the mp6 micropump and micro dispenser, takes precision and reliability in high-resolution microscopy to unprecedented levels.

Immerse yourself in innovation!



Traditional laboratory diagnostics often require precious time and resources, especially in point-of-care diagnostics where rapid results are critical.

The delay in sending samples to laboratories and subsequent analysis can have serious consequences in acute medical situations or in remote regions.

This problem called for an innovative solution to deliver diagnostic results more efficiently and in a timely manner.


In this context, Bartels Mikrotechnik and GENSPEED Biotech have joined forces. While Bartels Mikrotechnik contributes its expertise in the development of miniaturized diagnostic devices, GENSPEED Biotech offers expertise in the field of biotechnology.

Together, they develop advanced point-of-care diagnostic devices that enable rapid and precise analysis of samples.

The integration of microtechnological approaches and biotechnological expertise opens up completely new possibilities for timely diagnosis.

Symbolbild für die Beschleunigung des Erhaltens eines Ergebnisses, die durch das Projekt erzielt wurde.


The cooperation between Bartels Mikrotechnik and GENSPEED Biotech promises a breakthrough improvement in the field of point-of-care diagnostics. Thanks to this collaboration, diagnostic results can now be provided without delays caused by transport to laboratories.

This is of particular importance for rapid decision-making in medical emergencies as well as for the care of patients in remote locations.

The synergy created between microtechnological innovations and biotechnological expertise could revolutionize healthcare and significantly improve diagnostic capabilities on a global scale

Kühner AG


The collaboration between Kühner AG and us opened up an innovative solution to the challenges of microfluidic systems within shake flask measurement systems.

Accurate and simultaneous monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer rates as well as respiratory quotient (RQ) in shake flasks has been a technical hurdle to overcome.


The groundbreaking answer to this problem came with the introduction of the mp6 gas pump from Bartels Mikrotechnik.

This micropump system enables precise injections of gases into the shake flask measurement system.

The collaboration leveraged Kühner AG’s technical expertise in shaking technologies and Bartels Mikrotechnik’s ability to develop microfluidic solutions.

Together, they designed a solution in which the mp6 gas pump directs tiny amounts of gases to a sensor that simultaneously monitors oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer rates and RQ in up to 16 independent shake flasks.


The result of this fruitful collaboration between Bartels Mikrotechnik and Kühner AG is a groundbreaking microfluidic system that provides precise insights into the processes within shake flask measurement systems.

Researchers and scientists benefit from unprecedented accuracy and efficiency in measuring OTR, CTR and RQ. This technology opens up new opportunities in cell cultivation, bioprocessing, and other scientific applications where precise control and monitoring of gas transfer rates are required.

The successful cooperation underlines the potential of the synergy between microtechnology and shaking technology.



The partnership between Bartels Mikrotechnik and AICUBE focused on the development of a pioneering toothbrush in the field of preventive medicine.

A key challenge was to design a microfluidic system that continuously takes small saliva samples and evaluates them in the station integrated into the toothbrush holder.

The additional detection of health indicators such as early Parkinson’s through trembling hand movements required an innovative solution.


Together we worked out an innovative solution: A sophisticated system was implemented within the toothbrush, in which the powerful mp6 micropump effortlessly draws in the saliva sample.

Through a precise microvalve, the sample is transferred to the measuring station. To complement health monitoring, the team integrated an accelerometer that detects subtle hand tremors – an early sign of Parkinson’s.

This holistic system not only enables regular sampling, but also early diagnosis.


Through the cooperation between Bartels Mikrotechnik and AICUBE, a groundbreaking toothbrush in the field of preventive medicine has been developed.

The integration of the mp6 micropump and microvalve enables reliable sample collection and analysis, while the accelerometer supports early PD detection.

This breakthrough product promises not only convenient oral hygiene, but also proactive health monitoring.

The successful implementation of this project underscores both companies’ commitment to innovation and progress in the service of preventive medicine.



For a long time, the challenge of performing high-resolution microscopy with high accuracy lay in the precision of sample preparation.

Especially when observing biological samples under water immersion conditions, consistent moisture supply was a critical factor.

Irregularities or fluctuations could significantly affect image quality and lead to distorted results.


In close cooperation with Leica, Bartels Mikrotechnik has developed a groundbreaking solution. By combining Bartels’ proven mp6 micropump with a special Micro Dispenser, a precise water immersion supply has been created.

The mp6 micropump ensures a reliable and continuous supply of water, while the Micro Dispenser enables dispensing at the microscopic level.

This innovative system ensures that the sample always maintains optimal humidity, regardless of environmental influences or experiment duration.


The successful collaboration between Bartels Mikrotechnik and Leica has resulted in a groundbreaking solution for high-resolution microscopy.

Thanks to the water immersion supply realized with the help of the mp6 micropump and micro dispenser, researchers can now achieve precise and reliable results. Image quality has been significantly improved by eliminating fluctuations in moisture supply.

This innovative collaboration underscores both companies’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of microscopy and providing researchers worldwide with powerful tools to better understand the complexity of biological samples.

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