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mp-filter Micro Filter



Our filter component for protection of the microfluidic device against particles


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Micro Filter

The mp-filter protects the microfluidic system from particles. In most applications, it is very important that the fluid is not contaminated by certain particles. Otherwise, the experiment may fail or give wrong results. We can help here.

The filter has a porosity of 20-60 µm. You can integrate the filter at any point in your system. This way, you remove unwanted particles quickly and easily.

Our filter is only about the size of the mp6 micropump. It does not require any additional electronics. You simply connect it to the rest of the system via tubing. You only need tubing with a diameter of 1.3 mm. This is the same hose thickness that is required for all other Bartels components. This means that the mp-filter can be integrated quickly, easily and in a space-saving manner.

This product is made and developed by Bartels. So, if you have any questions about how it works, please contact us. And if you are looking for other solutions for which we do not yet offer the right components, let us know. Our engineering team will be happy to help you here as well.

For more filter models checkout the shop of our distributor Darwin microfluidics, they have other products available in case this one doesn’t fit your needs.

Technical Data


filter component for protection of the microfluidic device against particles

dimensions: 21 mm x 5.5 mm (0.82677 in. x 0.2165 in.)
fluidic connectors: barbed tube connectors , length: 5.6 mm, ID 1.3mm
filter porosity: 20 – 50 µm

Packaging unit 1 piece

Customs tariff code / custom tariff code USA
90022000/ 9002.20.80.00

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