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mp-damper Pulsation Damper



Our damper designed to reduce fluid pulsations.


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pulsation damper

The mp-damper is a pulsation damper for liquids. This means that the mp-damper reduces the pulsation of liquids from micropumps. This addition to a microfluidic system allows flow sensors to measure more reliably and precisely. A pulsation damper is especially important for calorimetric flow sensors.

Calorimetric flow sensors are also known as thermal flow sensors. These electronic sensors provide flow measurement on a thermal basis. This means that as steady a flow as possible is necessary for the measured flow to match the actual flow.

Our pulsation damper is only about half the size of The Bartels Pump | BP7 – Tubing. Furthermore, it does not require any additional electronics. You simply connect it to the rest of the system via tubing. This makes the mp-damper quick, easy and space-saving to integrate.

The mp-damper is made of PPSU, FKM and PP. It also contains an epoxy-based adhesive.

We connect the mp-damper with the flow sensors from Sensirion. Thanks to the pulsation damper, the flow rate is determined more precisely and can be monitored better. If you want to see the mp-damper in an actual system, you can watch the corresponding video on our YouTube channel. Here, we show you how easy it is to integrate the mp-damper into a system.

The mp-damper is made by Bartels. Our engineering team developed this mp-damper. So, if you have any questions about how it works, get in touch with us. And, if you are looking for other solutions for which we do not offer the right components yet, let us know. Our engineering team will be happy to help you here as well.


If you would like to test the mp-damper easily, you can check out our mp-advance kit or the mp-select kit, in which you can set up your own microfluidic system or contact us directly for assistance.