Our Partners
For Microfluidic Systems

Collaboration is the key!

That is why we work closely with our microfluidic partners in the areas of sensors, valves and microfluidic chips. Our microfluidic partners are brand-leading manufacturers for the components needed for an active microfluidic system. These components can be controlled with Bartels electronics and work seamlessly with our mp6 micro pump.

We specifically complement our products with the technologies and components of our microfluidic partners to add value for our customers. Our partnering strategy allows us to minimize your development effort and offer individually designed solutions for microfluidic systems. In addition, this enables us to offer our customers system solutions with components that we have tested and found to be very good. Bartels is your microfluidicSolutionMaker.

Our partner for microfluidic chips.

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Our partner for flow sensors.

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Our partner for active valves.

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Our partner for active valves.

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Our partner for active valves.


Our partner for active valves.

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Association memberships

We are deeply rooted in the microfluidics industry. Bartels Mikrotechnik has been a player in the microtechnology industry for over 25 years and in microfluidics for over 15 years. We are constantly expanding our network – with our microfluidic partners, but also with memberships in associations.

In addition to the microtechnology industry, we also always keep an eye on other industries such as medical technology, pharmaceuticals and life science. Here we get a particularly good insight through our memberships in various associations. Currently Bartels Mikrotechnik and our team are active members in these associations

The Microfluidics Association promotes the development of the Microfluidics Industry supply chain and positively influences the growth and prosperity of its members.
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IVAM unites people who are excited about key enabling technologies and the way these technologies shape our daily life and our future.
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The UK Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network was established in 2018 to represent the UK community of scientists, industrialists and regulators working on organ-on-a-chip technology.
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