Start as an engineering office for microtechnology


Expansion to include laser job stores with excimer laser


Specialization in microfluidics & expansion to include the micro Engineering business unit.


Expansion to include the microComponents business unit

Start of development, production & sales of components for microfluidics


Move from the TechnologieZentrum to the MST factory on Phoenix West in Dortmund to expand production facilities

Mission Statement & Values


For us, innovation is future-oriented and interdisciplinary work. We combine and use new technologies for our products.

Customer Orientation

It is important for us to understand our customers and to meet their needs. Skills such as communication skills, honesty, fairness and customer loyalty are essential for us. We offer individual solutions and meet the different customer requirements, so we are always open to new customers.


We treat each other with respect, accepting others as they are. For us, respect also means being tolerant and acting together within the framework of the rules of cooperation.


Our dedicated employees are committed to previously defined goals and bring their own ideas to the work process. The company supports them in this by providing a good working atmosphere.


We focus on the professional and personal development of our employees. We not only support the desire to learn new tasks, but also help to improve individual self-management. Strengthening self-confidence and promoting the ability to work in a team are fixed components of individual development for us.


We have a responsibility to our clientele. For us, fair dealings and honesty play a decisive role. Therefore, the personal responsibility of our employees as well as the corporate responsibility of the management are fundamental prerequisites for our actions.

Employee Orientation

For us, employee orientation means enabling employees to pursue further training and not restricting their freedom and self-determination. Achieving a work-life balance is a central factor of our company.

Goal Orientation

We never lose sight of the goal and work flexibly to achieve it. A prerequisite for this is sensible planning with us, which is consistently adhered to. In this way, we constantly evaluate and review our work process and improve it.

About Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH

At our core, we are a team of experts from a variety of disciplines, including engineering, physics, chemistry and more. Together, we collaborate from our headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, to develop solutions for fluid systems that include liquids, gases and mixtures.

Microtechnology is our defining passion, dealing with structures and objects in the micrometer range (0.1-1000 µm), distinguishing it from nanotechnology by a factor of 1000.

We have been dedicated to the field of microfluidics for nearly a quarter of a century. In 2006, we added groundbreaking micropumps to our portfolio. Over these years, our solutions have enriched numerous international applications.

Our core mission is to create novel solutions for various industries and to take these concepts through to volume production.

To fulfill this mission, we do not only rely on a team of qualified professionals; we are individuals who have turned their passion into their vocation.

We firmly believe that work-life harmony is not a mere ideology, but the foundation for effective and successful collaboration.

This conviction fosters mutual respect, genuine opportunities for growth and a high degree of personal responsibility. Coupled with our enthusiasm for what we do, this creates an exceptional mix.

Bartels Mikrotechnik stands as an inventive supplier of microsystem products and developments. In an ever-changing market landscape, we continuously provide added value to our valued customers.

Our hallmarks are quality and reliability. Fair and transparent dealings with our customers and partners are a cornerstone of our identity. We maintain open and respectful communication with them.

Our diverse workforce and interdisciplinary approach result in the well-being of our customers and the achievement of optimal results. Equally important to us is work-life balance, an environment of mutual respect, opportunities for personal development, self-responsibility and enjoyment of our tasks.

Through sustainable profitability, we ensure the longevity of our company and the jobs it creates. Our goal is to strengthen our market position and steer the company on a stable growth course.

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