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mp-s ID1.0 – Silicon Tubing


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mp-s ID1.0 Silicon Tubing


Our transparent mp-s silicone tubing has an inner diameter of 1 mm and a wall thickness of 1 mm. This makes it a perfect fit for our mp6 micropump and also for all other microfluidic components from Bartels Mikrotechnik.


The tubing is suitable for use in medical-technical areas as well as in food and drinking water applications. It can be used for liquids as well as for gases. This makes it suitable for many applications in the field of microfluidics.


The mp-s silicone tubing impresses with some specific properties:

  • The tubing offers a permanent temperature resistance of +200 °C. In the short term, even a resistance of up to +250 °C is possible.
  • The mp-s is suitable for steam sterilization up to + 134 °C.
  • Furthermore, the silicone tubing is highly resistant to weathering (for example, ozone or UV light) and insensitive to moisture or the associated oxidation.
  • In addition, the mp-s has a tensile strength of 11 N/mm2.


This silicone hose is the more cost-effective alternative to our mp-t Tygon tubing. The mp-s silicone tubing can be used very well in many areas, but offers poorer values for gas permeability. Therefore, it is not optimally suited for some special gas applications. Especially in these cases, you should rather use the mp-t Tygon hose (of course the mp-t is also available in our store). If you are not sure which hose is the right one for your application, feel free to ask us!


All details about both the mp-s silicone tubing and the mp-t Tygon tubing can also be found in our data sheet in the download area.


For applications with higher pressures you can add our mp-hc hose clamps to the tubing. This way you ensure that the tubing is particularly tight. Or how about a y-connector? With the mp-y, you can easily connect two hoses or split one hose into two. This is often necessary if you want to add a valve or a pressure sensor.



Data sheets

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