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mp6 micropumps – piezoelectric double diaphragm pumps


  • Typ. Dynamic Range Flow Rate (Water): 0 – 6000 µl/min
  • Typ. Dynamic Range Pressure (Water): 0 – 500 mbar
  • Typ. Dynamic Range Flow Rate (Air): 0 – 20 000 µl/min
  • Typ. Dynamic Range Pressure (Air): 0 – 150 mbar
  • Size: 30 x 15 x 3,8 mm
  • Weight: 2 g
  • Lifetime: 5000 h

Last Time Buy Date : 01/31/2025
Date of Discontinuation : 03/31/2025
Direct Successor Model: The Bartels Pump | BP7 – Tubing

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mp6 micropumps

The micropumps of the mp6 series are miniaturized double diaphragm pumps. Operated with two piezo actuators each, this space- and energy-saving design is very cost-effective and versatile due to the materials used. In particular, the variably adjustable flow rate is a factor that enables the wide-ranging applications of this micropump.

We offer three different micropump types: mp6-liq, mp6-gas and mp6-gas+. The mp6-liq micropump is used to pump gases and liquids. The mp6-gas and mp6-gas+ models are specialized in gas pumping. Even if the different models excel in a specific area, all of our mp6 micropumps are capable of handling liquids, mixtures and gases.

The delivery rates of the micropumps are linearly dependent on the back pressure. At 0 mbar backpressure the micropumps reach the maximum flow rate, whereas at maximum backpressure the flow rate drops to 0 ml/min. The relationship between back pressure and flow rate is linear. If you would like to know more about this, it is best to download the data sheet for the mp6 micropump. Here you will find all technical data about the mp6 micropumps.

All mp6 micropumps have a lifetime of 5,000 hours when used properly. The only material in contact with the media is PPSU. The flow rates differ depending on the model:


  • for liquids adjustable flow rate 8 µl/min to 10.000 µl/min
  • flow rate 8 ml/min and typ. back pressure 500 mbar at 100 Hz, 250 Vpp, SRS signal
  • for gases typ. Flow rate 20 ml/min and typ. back pressure 80 mbar at 300 Hz, 250 Vpp, SRS signal

mp6 gas

  • flow rate 25 ml/min
  • back pressure 100 mbar at 300 Hz, 250 Vpp, SRS signal


  • flow rate 25 ml/min
  • Back pressure 150 mbar at 300 Hz, 250 Vpp, SRS signal

To operate the mp6 you need control electronics. Here, we offer you the mp-Multiboard and the drivers mp-Lowdriver, mp-Highdriver and mp-Highdriver4. Furthermore, you can find various single components and accessories in our store. Our sets could also be interesting for you. Here we have directly summarized all accessories, so that you can start directly.