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The Bartels Pump | BP7 – Tubing


  • Typ. Dynamic Range Flow Rate (Water): 0 – 14000 µl/min
  • Typ. Dynamic Range Pressure (Water): 0 – 500 mbar
  • Typ. Dynamic Range Flow Rate (Air): 0 – 35000 µl/min
  • Typ. Dynamic Range Pressure (Air): 0 – 140 mbar
  • Size: 30 x 15 x 3,8 mm
  • Weight: 2 g
  • Lifetime: 5000 h

Previous model: mp6 micropumps

*Product is in mass production

Delivery time: 1 - 3 working days

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The Bartels Pump | BP7 – Tubing

The Bartels Pump | BP7 – Tubing, a piezoelectric membrane micropump designed for easy integration into fluidic systems.

This model builds on the reliable microfluidic control and efficiency found in our tubing models. It is designed for easy and manual integration into your microfluidic system.

Building on our experience with its predecessor, our mp6 micropump, the BP7 – Tubing was developed as an improved version.

Fluid Handling Capabilities

For Liquids: Offers a flow rate of up to 13 ml/min and can handle pressures up to 500 mbar, ensuring precise liquid management in various use cases.

For Gases: Provides a flow rate of 35 ml/min with a maximum pressure of 140 mbar, suitable for efficient gas management in different settings.

Easy Integration

The BP7 – Tubing can be quickly and easily integrated into your fluidic system by connecting it through tubing. Its side connectors allow easy manual integration of the pump into your system.

Cost-Effective Production

Thanks to efficient production methods, the BP7 – Tubing is an affordable option that brings high quality microfluidic technology within reach, balancing cost and advanced functionality.

Compact and Lightweight

Utilizing piezoelectric membrane technology, the pump is compact and light, making it perfect for space-constrained applications without sacrificing performance.

Simplified Fluid Path

The pump features a single-material fluid path to reduce contamination risk and ease compatibility concerns, ideal for applications requiring clean fluid handling.

Energy Efficiency and Low Maintenance

The BP7 – Tubing is designed for low energy consumption and minimal maintenance, supporting sustainable and reliable operation.

The Bartels Pump | BP7 – Tubing merges seamless integration, solid performance, and environmental responsibility, making it an excellent choice for incorporating top-tier pumping technology into fluidic systems.


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Data sheets

The Bartels Pump | BP7 – Tubing Data sheet


The Bartels Pump | BP7 – Tubing 3D Model