All new: mp-bt bubble trap!

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Air bubbles that are present in a liquid sample are a major problem in numerous microfluidic experiments. That is why we are happy to present to you an all new component in our portfolio: the mp-bt bubble trap. The mp-bt bubble trap removes air bubbles from your microfluidic system. Our engineering team has developed this component since we had trouble finding a very small bubble trap. Anja Blase, engineer at Bartels Mikrotechnik, says about the mp-bt bubble trap: “Our goal was to build a bubble trap that is small and cost-effective and therefore easily integrated into systems that feature our other components.”

Why are air bubbles bad for your microfluidic system?

Air bubbles introduce oxygen to your system and experiment. That can lead to the damage of the biological sample (cytotoxicity). Additionally, the air in the system decreases the overall performance of the system and its components. Sensors can dry up, microfluidic chips don’t work properly etc. Additionally, flow and pressure rates might fluctuate and can lead to volume sampling errors.

What are the advantages of a bubble trap?

The main task of bubble traps is the in-line removal of air bubbles in your microfluidic system. That way, you can make sure that no air (especially oxygen) comes close to your cells and ruins your experiment. A bubble trap that is already added in the system also means that it is not necessary to remove air bubbles from the liquid that is transported beforehand. All can be done in the same system without adding additional, manual steps.

Why the mp-bt bubble trap?

Our bubble trap is smaller than comparable bubble traps that are currently in the market. This allows a more space-saving integration into your system and also leads to less costs. Overall, the mp-bt bubble trap saves you both space and money.

How do you use the mp-bt bubble trap?

The mp-bt bubble trap is easily integrated into existing systems. It is simply an additional component that only needs to be connected via regular tubing. No additional electronics needed. Next, you connect an additional mp6 micropump to the bubble trap which creates the vacuum needed for optimal performance. The mp-bt bubble trap is constructed for water-based solutions.

Inside the bubble trap, there is a hydrophobic, microporous membrane. A mp6 micropump creates a vacuum that sucks the air in the flowstream through the membrane while the liquid sample is pushed towards the bubble trap. Check out our video too see the bubble trap in action! And read all the technical information. To order the bubble trap, head over to the bubble trap product page in our shop. We are happy to help.