All new: mp-Multiboard2 & mp-Driver

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On June 01, 2022, we are launching two very exciting new products: the mp-Multiboard2 and the mp-Driver. The mp-Multiboard2 is a significant upgrade from our older evaluation board. The mp-Driver is a new driver for some specific uses not covered by our other drivers. Continue reading to learn more about both products.



more performance, more opportunities

With the new mp-Multiboard2, you can control up to six mp6 micropumps simultaneously. This is possible due to the three (!) slots for our driver chips. That means that you can use three drivers at the same time: the mp-Highdriver4 and the new mp-Driver and the mp-Lowdriver or the mp-Highdriver. Combined, this means an increased range of applications. You no longer need two Multiboards when you need more than four mp6 micropumps.

Furthermore, the mp-Multiboard2 is Bluetooth-ready and can be battery-operated. Therefore, you can use the new mp-Multiboard2 in an incubator or in other places where cables going to the outside are not possible.

Right now, the mp-Multiboard2 already has a lot of slots for the connecting of different sensors. Currently, we are working on adding more sensors to our portfolio that add to the functionality of the mp-Multiboard2. So, stay tuned for the upcoming months!

You can read more about the mp-Multiboard2 here.

And order it right away in our shop here.


extending the uses of the mp6 micropump

The mp-Driver is an addition to our existing line of microfluidic drivers for the mp6 micropump. With this driver, you can transport highly viscous liquids more easily. This area is hard to reach with the mp-Lowdriver or the mp-Highdriver. So, if you have had problems in with this particular use case before, take a look at the all new mp-Driver!

You can read more about highly viscous materials in our Case study.

Read more about the mp-Driver here.

And check it our in our shop here.