Case Study: Characterization of mp6-micropump-driven vibrating meshes

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This Case Study is all about controlled nebulization of different kinds of liquids using vibrating meshes. This is an important topic in the fields of Medical, Life Science, Automotive and Aerospace. Two very crucial aspects in this regard is the need for a miniature design and the active element of fluid transportation.

That is why the experts at Bartels Mikrotechnik have investigated vibrating meshes from two different suppliers using our mp6 micropump. They performed different reference experiments for fluid delivery to the mesh to identify advantages and opportunities.

Take a look into this detailed analysis of different vibrating mesh options using the mp6 micropump!

Check out the full case study here: Case Study: Characterization of mp6-micropump-driven vibrating meshes

We have also created a full video about continuous nebulization. Check it out on our YouTube channel!

Case Study Vibrating Mesh

Continuous nebulization is an important application in microfluidics. We have created a full page dedicated to vibrating mesh applications.

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