Case Study: Controlled Dosing of Water based Liquids with the mp6 micropump

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The controlled dosing of drugs or compounds, dissolved in diverse kinds of liquids as a solution or dispersion (mostly water based) is of growing importance. This is especially the case in, for example, medical treatments, technical as well as Life Science applications. In that context, the attributes of “Single-Use, smart & Low-Budget” becomes more and more relevant.

For that purpose, this Case Study is demonstrating that our mp6 micropump is a suited tool in the range of “smart & Low-Budget”, to achieve that goal with all its advantages. The results show the success of our product development in order to fulfill the customers’ requirements. The mp6 micropump can be controlled very precisely using the mpSmart product line.

In addition to this Case Study, we have a lot of other information on controlled dosing and liquid handling in general. Check out the Case Study about Nano Dosing. And how about an automated dispensing unit? We have a video about that on our YouTube channel.

You can also browse our website for more content about liquid handling since this is the key topic in microfluidics. We offer many low-cost and easy to assemble systems for a vast number of applications.

Please note: We no longer have the mpSmart series in our portfolio. Instead you can upgrade the same functions for your mp-Multiboard2. Please have a look at the Regulation Software.