Case Study: Nano Dispensing

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There is a significant amount of applications that require the dispensing of very low amounts of liquids: Nano Dispensing. Especially the medical, life science and automotive industries often need to move highly viscose liquids at a very low rate. This process needs to be highly controlled since deviations are often not easily visible for the naked eye.

Our team in the microEngineering department at Bartels took it upon themselves to find a solution for this issue. They took our mp6 micropump and the mp-Labtronix laboratory box and constructed a simple setup. In order for you to be successful in the area of Nano Dispensing, they tested a wide variety of parameters to find the ones that work best for this application.

Read the full case study here: Smart Dispensing of Liquids in the range of Micro- & Nanoliters

Case Study Nano Dispensing

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