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Evaluation Kit

Our Evaluation Kit, the first package, has been carefully designed to allow our customers to take their research into their own hands.

We place great emphasis on customers retaining control over the selection of components to ensure the kit meets their individual requirements.

This kit is ideal for smaller projects and corresponds to a TRL (Technology Ready Level) of 2. With an average price of 1,499€, it offers a cost-effective solution for researchers and developers who want to realize their ideas and drive innovative technologies.

We believe it enables researchers to immerse themselves in the world of technology and fully realize their creative potential.

mp-advance kit

R&D Customized Kit

Our R&D Customized Kit, the second package, is ideal for those seeking deeper collaboration. Here we offer the opportunity to conduct research in close cooperation with our experts.

We take responsibility for component selection and bring our extensive expertise to ensure that your research is efficient and on target.

This kit corresponds to a TRL (Technology Ready Level) of 3 and allows for an intensive research period of about one week

It is designed for research projects that require maximum efficiency and expert support.

The R&D Customized Kit is available for 4,499€ and offers a customized research experience at the highest level.

R&D Project Light

Our third package, R&D Project Light, offers an all-round worry-free solution by taking over the research work independently and relying on proven standard components.

This option is perfect for customers who want to outsource their research without losing control of the process.

With an impressive TRL (Technology Ready Level) of 6, an affordable price of less than 20,000€ and a longer research duration of several weeks, the R&D Project Light is a cost-effective and time-saving option.

Our use of proven standard components guarantees reliability and quality in every project. This allows you to focus on the results while we do the work in the background.

Sample project: MiMid - Flow

Sample project: GENSPEED-Biotech

R&D Project Full-Scale

Our fourth and most comprehensive package, R&D Project Full-Scale, offers the opportunity to develop entirely new applications from scratch, without your direct involvement in research.

In this variant, our experts use their creativity and extensive expertise to design groundbreaking solutions.

With an impressive TRL (Technology Ready Level) of 8, this package represents the highest level of technological development.

It enables the realization of grand visions and challenging projects.

The cost of the R&D Project Full-Scale exceeds 20,000€, as we develop everything from scratch, without using standard components. The project duration extends over months to ensure that the innovation and research in this package is at the highest level.

This is an all-round solution for customers who want to realize big, visionary ideas.

R&D Customized
R&D Project
R&D Project
Customer Customer & Bartels Bartels Bartels
Customer selects
We select the required
standard components and
test them for your application
We develop a solution
and use standard components for it
We develop a completely
new application and the
components necessary for it
Typical Cost 1.499€ 4.499€ < 20.000€ > 20.000€
Time Frame Days Days to Weeks Weeks Weeks to Months
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