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The most accurate dosing of drugs and active ingredients is a cornerstone in medical technology. Dosing fluid drugs in a defined time and quantity is either stationary or realizable with the help of transportable solutions. Microfluidics is particularly suitable for continuous flow or precise droplets in drug dosing. An active microfluidic system enables precise drug delivery to the patient.

Bartels Mikrotechnik has been active in the field of medical technology for many years. Our mp6 micropumps, in combination with a sensor, also ensure precise dosing in mobile infusion sets that is absolutely reliable over a long period of time. For this purpose, we test each individual micropump throughout the entire manufacturing process and can thus guarantee the quality level of our products at the highest level.

Our videos and the case study show you how you can use microfluidics in the field of drug dosing.

Video: Digital infusion pump vs. elastomeric pump

This video compares the setting and flow rate of a conventional elastomer pump with the digital mpSmart-Lowdosing system. *

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More Information

The elastomeric pump is one of the most commonly used infusion pumps in ambulatory therapy. The flow rate for drug dosing must be set manually, and due to the pressure profile, the flow rate deviates from the intended values in both directions. In comparison, a system with mpSmart-Lowdosing allows the flow rate to be set digitally and precisely. Due to the combination of micropump and sensor, the flow rate remains constant from the beginning to the end of therapy, and even environmental influences such as temperature or the patient’s position do not change the drug dosage as they do with the elastomer pump. The system is small and cost-effective, making it ideal for home care and mobile applications.


* We no longer have the mpSmart series in our portfolio. Instead you can upgrade the same functions for your mp-Multiboard2. Please have a look at the Regulation Software.

Case Study: Microfluidics in drug dosing

Our case study deals with the topic of controlled drug dosing. Smart and low-cost systems are particularly important in this context. To this end, this case study shows that our mp6 micropump is a suitable tool to enable accurate drug dosing at low costs. The results show the success of our product development to meet customers’ needs: the mp6 micropump can be controlled very precisely with the mpSmart product line. Our system is completed by a sensor from our partner Sensirion.

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