Microfluidic solutions for high-throughput screening

Lab technician using Bartels sofware

High-throughput screening (HTS) is used primarily in pharmaceutical research. In this type of test, biochemical, genetic or pharmacological tests are performed on up to millions of substances. High-throughput screening is used primarily to search for new, biologically active compounds. This then forms the basis for the development of new drugs.

In HTS, the rule is “You get what you screen for”. This means that extensive molecule libraries are searched, and high-throughput screening is correspondingly time-consuming. There are high requirements for automation here. This is why robots and automated machines are used for liquid handling. Microfluidics is also utilized.

A microfluidic solution for high-throughput screening is droplet generation. Immiscible phases (often oil and water) lead to very small portions that act as microbioreactors and are thus used in high-throughput screening for multiple (multiplexing), parallelized analysis.

Case Study: Droplet generation with the mp6 micropump

Sketched structure of an application for droplet generation

This case study shows how droplet generation is possible. We are using the mp6 micropump with a pressure sensor, reagents, fluidic accessories and a Droplet Generator Chip obtained from our partner microfluidic ChipShop.

The graphic on the left shows you how the system in the case study is set up. To ensure optimal performance, there are some crucial information you need to consider. Learn more about how you can generate droplets with our mp6 micropump here:

Our case study gives you an in-depth view into the workings of this great use for microfluidics. If you want to learn more about the chips in our portfolio, continue reading about microfluidic chips.

Video: Structure of a system for droplet generation

Droplet generation is an important topic in medical technology. This technology is particularly interesting for the analysis and sorting of single cells as well as for high-throughput screening. In this video, we are able to build a small and flexible system. For this we use the mp6 micropump and a chip from our partner microfluidic ChipShop.


Watch the video and learn more about droplet generation:

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