Liquid handling system

Liquid handling systems form the basis for a wide variety of applications in the life science and medical sectors. With the mp6 micropump, the components of our partners and the associated software made by Bartels, the most diverse systems can be set up and adapted. Particularly advantageous here are the small reagent volumes required and the space-saving design. This saves money and allows for a flexible liquid handling system.

By the way, to make your start in microfluidics easier, we have developed various sets for you. Have a look at our shop. We also offer a wide variety of microfluidic kits that can help you in setting up your own system.

The use of microfluidic liquid handling systems is particularly exciting in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Together with our partner memetis we have developed a liquid handling system which can help especially in the COVID-19 pandemic. At COMPAMED Innovation Forum 2021, we had the chance to present the system and the benefits in the fight against the virus. Watch the full presentation here:

Video: Compact liquid handling system

Der beschrieben Aufbau von Liquid-Handling-System mit der mp6 Mikropumpe, einem Sensor, mikrofluidischen Chip und Ventilen

Ultra-compact liquid handling is a key advantage of microfluidics. In collaboration with our partner memetis and with components from Sensirion and microfluidic ChipShop, we have developed this microfluidic dispensing system and flow inverter. Its small and lightweight design is multifunctional, accurate and energy efficient. Watch the video and see how easy to control this liquid handling system.

The liquid handling system is a cost-effective alternative for your liquid control and handling needs. You can customize the system to meet your specific needs, as we supply all the components you need and provide you with easy-to-use software to manage everything. In addition, the dispensing system is intelligent, Bluetooth-enabled and 100% tested.

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