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In product design and process engineering, the rules are different when dealing with products or processes that are located in a micro environment rather than in a macro environment. That is why microtechnology requires a different skill set. This becomes clear when you look at the volume-to-surface ratio of a sphere, which increases sharply with a decreasing diameter.  Also, the resonant frequency of mechanical components, the effects of friction and wear are directly related to dimensionality.

Therefore, developments of products and processes in microtechnology require a special knowledge and experience. Bartels Mikrotechnik has been working in these areas for more than 25 years and makes this experience available in its business unit microEngineering.

microEngineering bei Bartels

Microfluidics - for what?

Thanks to the mp6 micropump produced by Bartels Mikrotechnik and the other microfluidic components, our experience in the field of microfluidics and microtechnology is extensive.

The portfolio of topics arising in the field of microfluidics has grown considerably in recent years. The conveying of liquids and gases plays a role in the most diverse areas of microtechnology. Examples are in sensor and actuator technology, as well as in medical diagnostics for antibody/antigen tests and PCR analyses, but also in the CELL sorting process, microfluidic encapsulation, drug dosing and the most diverse mixing processes.

And thanks to microtechnology, everything remains small, inexpensive, reliable, mobile and energy-efficient!

A women working in an engineering laboratory for microtechnology

Teaming with the world

When it comes to the implementation, Bartels Mikrotechnik primarily uses its own experienced personnel and its own manufacturing and analysis capabilities. Since Bartels Mikrotechnik has built up a broad portfolio of partners in microtechnology both nationally and internationally in recent years, we can use the best experts or processes for the task at hand. This may be a glass modification service provider from Santa Barbara or Aachen, or a micro injection molding manufacturer from Kronach, Halver or Charlton.

We work hand in hand with our partners to offer the customer the best possible result. You can find an overview of our partner network here:

If the scope or sensitivity of the project requires it, the involvement of third parties in microEngineering is of course done in consultation with the customer.

Other topics in microfluidics

Microfluidics is the focus for Bartels Mikrotechnik, but other micro topics such as micromechanics and microelectronics are also important and are covered at Bartels Mikrotechnik. In order to generate a desired functionality, in many cases an interplay of many elements is necessary. All the more so if the task is demanding in terms of material consumption, space requirements, costs and development reliability.

mp-advance kit

Transitioning to systems

One of the most successful internal development topics in recent years has been the merging of our microfluidics with electronics, software and other components. This allows us to then also offer these combinations as a package. This makes it much easier for a customer/prospective customer to realize the solutions and functionalities that are envisioned.

The pitfalls of microfluidics, such as the sometimes unpredictable wetting behavior, the capillary stop at an unwanted location or the strange behavior of gas bubbles, are complex enough. That is why a package that already gives you a working and easy to handle starting point is important. That’s why we have developed various sets to help you get started in microfluidics. Have a look in our Shop .

We also use this preconfigured component set for our business unit microEngineering. We have a lot of experience in directly customizing microtechnology applications from the fields of cell cultivation or drug dosing.

Mikrofluidisches System

Property rights

In the development of own components and even more in developments on behalf of customers, special attention is to be paid to the consideration of the property right situation.

Depending on the task, it can be a matter of providing the customer with its own patent portfolio from the development or generating solutions for circumventing existing third-party patents. The famous “freedom to operate” is to be established so that a development can also do what it can do.

Of course, the depth of a preceding or accompanying patent research depends on the resources that can be spent on it. Bartels Mikrotechnik is well versed in such patent topics.

What now?

Have we piqued your interest? Feel free to contact us and we will help you find a microfluidic solution for your application. The Bartels team will be happy to answer your questions! Contact us:


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