Microfluidic equipment

microfluidic equipment

Our microfluidic equipment enables the full functionality of the mp6 micropump.

That is why – besides the different micropumps – we also offer microfluidic equipment like bubble traps, hoses, hose clamps, manifolds, and much more. With the help of these components, you can build up your microfluidic system quickly and easily.

Also have a look at our store and see how you can combine the microfluidic equipment, the mp6 and our partner components to a fully functional set.


the new mp-bt bubble trap to get rid of small bubbles in your


Bubble trap

  • A bubble trap to get rid of bubbles in your flow stream (Check out the video and the bubble trap product page to learn more!)
  • Dimensions: 17 x 19 x 10 mm
  • Material: PPSU, PET
  • Media: Water based solutions
  • Ports: Ø 1,9mm suitable for 1,3mm mp-t
  • Internal volume: 100 µl
  • Water entry pressure: 1,9 bar
  • Necessary neg. pressure: 100 – 200 mbar
  • Necessary equipment: mp6 at 250Vpp/300Hz
this is a filter for microfluidic systems mp-f compatible with mp6 micropump from manufacturer Bartels Mikrotechnik as microfluidic equipment



  • Protection of fluidic systems from particles.
  • Dimensions
    21 mm x 5.5 mm 0.82677 in. x 0.2165 in.
  • Fluidic connectors
    barbed tube clip,
  • length : 5.6 mm for tubing with internal diameter: 1.3 mm
  • Filter porosity 20 – 60 µm
the mp-damper to reduce the pulsation between the micropump mp6 and the sensor as microfluidic equipment


Pulsation damper for liuids

  • The damper reduces the pulsation of liquid from micropumps so that sensors can measure more reliably
  • Dimension: 17 x 19 x 5 mm
  • Material: PPSU, FKM, PP, epoxy-based adhesive
The mp-mf mounting frame to mount your mp6 in your system and avoid the moving of the mp6 micropump in the air as microfluidic equipment


Mounting frame

  • This frame helps to mount the mp6 micropump via screw
  • Dimensions: 33 x 18 x 4 mm
  • Material: PLA, blue
  • Suitable screw: M1,6
mikrofluidisches Equipment Component parts mp hc hose clamps for microtechnology in the field of microfluidics and compatible with mp6 micropump


Hose clamps

  • Hose clip to prevent leakage in high pressure applications.
  • Inner diameter (when closed) 3 mm
  • Dimensions
    In closed state: 4 mm x 5,1 mm
  • Width (in tube direction): 2 mm
  • Suitable tube tygon hose 1.3 mm connected with barbed tube clip
For hose in microfluidics and microtechnology compatible with mp6 micropump Bartels Mikrotechnik


Tubing connector

  • Y-connector for tubing, for the parallel use of two micropumps
  • Material polypropylene (PP) for tubing inner diameters of 1,3 – 2,6 mm 0.0512 – 0.1024 in.
  • Component parts mp Mol for microtechnology in the field of microfluidics and compatible with mp6 micropump



    • compatible with:
      mp6-liq, mp6-pi, mp6-pp, mp6-gas, mp6-gas+
    • FFC connectors can be electrically contacted for your own cable assemblies.
    • different versions: different applications
    • Connector to micropump mp6-series for custom made cabling
    • Type:
      Molex FCC 39532045 1.25 mm pitch Contacts 4 Entry Angle/Orientation Vertical PC Tail Length 3.50 mm Operating temperature -20°C – 80°C Voltage max. 200V Current max. 1.0 A per contact Termination
    • Interface: Style Through Hole
    Component parts mp t compatible with hose clamps for microtechnology in the field of microfluidics and compatible with mp6 micropump 2



    • Inlet/outlet compatible Tygon® tubing.
    • Inner diameter 1.3 mm or 1.02 mm
    • Outer diameter 3 mm or 2.74 mm
    • Wall thickness 0.85 mm or 0.86 mm
    • Sterilizable Yes (autoclave or ethylene oxide
    • Color transparent
    • Suitable micropumps mp6-liq, mp6-gas
    mp-s Silikon-Schlauch


    Silicone tubing

    • Inlet/outlet compatible hose made off silicone
    • Inner diameter: 1 mm
    • Wall thickness: 1 mm
    • Sterilization possible: Yes (steam sterilization)
    • Temperature resistant up to +200°C (permanent) or +250°C (short-term)
    • Color: transparent
    • Suitable micropump mp6-liq, mp6-gas
    Reservoir Bundle

    Reservoir Bundle

    • Microfluidic reservoir for direct and indirect flow applications.
    • The bundle includes a screw neck vial, the screw closure with hole and septum, a short dosing tip and a long dosing tips well as male Luer to Bard connectors. You can find all the technical details in our shop and in the Accessories catalogue.
    • The reservoir has a high chemical resistance due the materials used – glass and stainless steel.
    Component parts mp Con for microtechnology in the field of microfluidics and compatible with mp6 micropump


    Connection cable

  • Connector for mp6-series to mp-x
  • Design and connectors – Molex FCC 1.25 mm pitch – 85 cm (33.465 in.) cable – Binder 620 connector
  • For technical data about our microfluidic equipment, please refer to the data sheets (in the download area).

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