New product: Regulation software

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The mp-Multiboard2 comes with the option to unlock additional functions for more possible applications. The “Regulation” section is one of those and adds the possibility to have a mp6 micropump be regulated by a flow sensor. The Regulation package in combination with the right liquid flow sensor is a small but intelligent dosing systems. It allows flow rates to be set with the highest level of precision for different fluids – whatever the temperature or viscosity.

Regulation software by Bartels

The Regulation software package is an optional add-on to the Multiboard2 software. With this software, you can set the desired flow rate for the system. Then, the software automatically chooses the right parameters to reach this flow rate quickly and accurately.

To properly illustrate the functionality of this add-on, we have created a video. In this video, you can see that it is really easy to set the target flow rate. The software then does all the adjusting of the parameters on its own in order to reach the required flow rate as fast as possible. To ensure proper function, the software requires a liquid flow sensor to measure the actual flow rate of the system. We use the liquid flow sensors by our partner Sensirion.

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