Pressure-driven flow

Ein kurzer Ausschnitt aus dem Pressure-driven flow System mit der mp6 Mikropumpe und dem Drucksensor

Pressure-driven flow is the solution to a vast variety of challenges in microfluidics. As your microfluidicSolutionMaker, we can show you how to use pressure-driven flow to create a contamination free, self-sustaining liquid handling system.

We especially focus on answering the following questions:

  • How can you create a mobile pressure source?
  • How is it possible to enable a contamination-free fluid handling in a compact system?
  • Are active components energy-efficient enough to be operated by batteries?
  • Can an active fluid control system be small and thus portable enough to be used at the PoC?

Video: Stand alone contamination free liquid handling system

This video shows a stand-alone contamination free liquid handling system based on pressure-driven flow. This is a highly functional system thanks to the microfluidic valve by our partner memetis.

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More Information

The mp6 micropump and pressure sensor do not come in direct contact with the liquid since only air pressure is used to transport the liquid from one reservoir to the target reservoir. That way, the more expensive equipment can be re-used more easily while the liquid runs less risk of contaminating.

Additionally, the whole system is self-sustaining: It does not require a compressed air line since the pressure is solely maintained by the mp6 micropump. That means that the system is easily implemented in different scenarios and applications.

Case Study: Setting up a pressure-driven flow system

Microfluidic dosing is one of these use cases ahead, leading to a lot of novel applications and innovation. Currently, it is widely observed in the modern lab. Generally, it can be realized by different approaches to realize a flow. One of them is pressure-driven flow, which offers a number of specific advantages, e.g. pulsation-free operation and cost-effectiveness.

Additionally, an advantage particularly useful for contamination-free dosing is that neither a pressure source nor flow control elements have to come into direct contact with sample fluids. This is what makes pressure-driven flow a perfect technology for operating disposable fluidic chips and cartridges intended for one-time use.

Check out our Case Study in collaboration with our partner memetis to learn more about this topic!

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