Product snapshot: mp-hc hose clamps

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mikrofluidisches Equipment Component parts mp hc hose clamps for microtechnology in the field of microfluidics and compatible with mp6 micropump

The mp-hc is a very small hose clamp. With the mp-hc hose clamp, you attach the tubing firmly to the individual components, especially the mp6 micropump. Even without them, the tubing holds very well to our components. However, there are applications where it may be necessary to install this extra level of security. For this purpose, we offer the mp-hc hose clamp.

With this product snapshot, we want to answer some commonly asked questions about the mp-hc.

When do I need the mp-hc hose clamps?

Especially in applications with a high pressure in the system, a hose can detach from the components over time. Depending on how the components are integrated into the system, it can be quite difficult to reattach the tubing. Alternatively, the escaping fluid may damage nearby components or distort the experiment. When pumping gas, it may even take some time to notice tubing that is not perfectly seated. Here, a hose clamp prevents leaks at the fluidic connections of the micropumps. In this way, they contribute to a more reliable system.

Do all microfluidic systems need hose clamps?

No. In general, the tubing fits really well onto all of our components. Additionally, if you are still experimenting with the system and changing it up constantly, it might even be annoying to remove and reattach the hose clamps. In that case, you might find it more convenient to not add the hose clamps.

What are the technical specifications of the mp-hc hose clamps?

The mp-hc are made of PPSU. When closed, the hose clamp measures just 4 mm x 5.1 mm with a thickness in the direction of the hose of 2 mm. The appropriate hose for these clamps is Tygon hose 1.3 mm when connected to hose olives. This is the standard tubing we use on all our components.

Where can I buy the mp-hc hose clamps?

You can purchase the mp-hc in our online shop. Also, we include one packaging unit of mp-hc in each of our evaluation kits. If you have more questions or require additional assistance, make sure to send us a message!