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Active 2/2-Valve with Medium Separation by Memetis


  • 2/2-Valve
  • Normally closed
  • With medium seperation
  • Ideal for life science applications
  • reaction time: 50ms open / 160ms close

Delivery time: 1 - 3 working days

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 Active 2/2-Valve with Medium Seperation by Memetis

Ultra-Compact Normally Closed 2/2-Valve

This ultra-compact normally closed active 2/2 valve with medium separation by our partner memetis is perfect for applications where space is limited. Valves with medium separation allow fluid to pass through without making contact with the valve’s mechanism, making them ideal for applications in life science. This valve can also be sterilized via autoclaving.


  • Valve Type:
    • Normally closed 2/2-valve with medium separation.
    • reaction time: 50ms open / 160ms close
    • dimensions: 20.0*5.0*8.0 mm
    • max pressure: 2.0 bar input | 1.2 bar
    • internal volume: <4 µl
    • power consumption: <0.30 W

Key Features

  • Space-Saving Design:
    • Ideal for applications with limited space.
  • Sterilization Capability:
    • Can be autoclaved for sterilization purposes.
  • Low Power Consumption:
    • Operates with minimal power consumption.


  • Seperated Fluid Flow:
    • Medium separation design enables fluid handling without valve mechanism contact.
  • Compact Internal Volume:
    • Features a small internal volume for optimized system performance.
  • Secure Connection:
    • Flange mount provides a secure and reliable valve connection.

This ultra-compact 2/2 valve offers a space-saving design suitable for applications in life sciences and other fields where compactness and efficiency are essential.

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