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mp-bt Bubble Trap



Our Bubble Trap to remove bubbles from water-based solutions.


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The Bartels "mp-bt" Bubble Trap

The mp-bt Bubble Trap is a compact and efficient solution designed for the seamless removal of air bubbles from microfluidic systems, enhancing the integrity and performance of experiments. It easily integrates into existing setups without the need for extra electronics, connecting through standard tubing. A core feature is its hydrophobic, microporous membrane which, aided by a vacuum created by an our micropumps, selectively removes air while allowing liquid samples to pass. This device prevents the potential damage caused by oxygen to sensitive biological samples and maintains consistent system efficiency. Its space-saving design and cost-effectiveness make the mp-bt an optimal choice for researchers seeking to optimize their microfluidic experiments while saving space and costs.

Efficient Bubble Removal with mp-bt

The mp-bt Bubble Trap efficiently removes air bubbles from your microfluidic system, seamlessly integrating into existing setups without the need for additional electronics. Simple to install, it connects through standard tubing, with the addition of a micropump creating the necessary vacuum for optimal performance. Designed specifically for water-based solutions, the mp-bt ensures the integrity of your experiments by preventing air, particularly oxygen, from coming into contact with sensitive cellular samples.

Advanced Design for Optimal Performance

At the heart of the mp-bt lies a hydrophobic, microporous membrane. This innovative design, coupled with the vacuum generated by an mp6 micropump, effectively draws air out of the fluid stream while allowing the liquid sample to enter the trap. This inline method of removing bubbles is essential for maintaining the integrity of your experiments by preventing air, especially oxygen, from contaminating sensitive samples.

Protect Your Experiments

The primary function of the mp-bt is to safeguard your microfluidic system from air bubbles that can introduce oxygen, potentially damaging biological samples and diminishing system efficiency. This protection is vital for preventing sensor dry-out, microfluidic chip malfunctions, and inconsistent flow and pressure rates that could lead to measurement inaccuracies.

Compact and Cost-effective Solution

Unlike its bulkier counterparts on the market, the mp-bt Bubble Trap boasts a compact design that facilitates space-saving integration into your system. This not only leads to reduced costs but also offers a streamlined solution that enhances the overall efficiency of your microfluidic experiments. By choosing the mp-bt, you benefit from a system that is both economically and spatially efficient, ensuring smooth and effective experimental runs.