Jetting Kit


  • 1x mp-Multiboard2 Evaluation Board
  • 1x mp-Higdriver4 Pump Driver
  • 4x mp6-gas+
  •  10x Nozzles
    • 100µm
    • 200µm
  • 1x 1m mp-s ID1.0 Silicon Tubing
  • SLF3S-0600F Flow Sensor by Sensirion including microfluidic connectors and cable
  • Flow Control Software

Delivery time: 3 - 4 weeks

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Jetting Kit

Jetting microfluidics is an advanced technology that offers non-contact precise volume dispensing. It combines microfluidic principles with jetting techniques for controlled, accurate delivery of dedicated liquid volumes. This innovation is used in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electronics, and diagnostics.

In jetting microfluidics, small volumes are ejected from microscale nozzles without physical contact, using precise flow sensors and regulation. Its benefits include precision, non-contact dispensing, speed, flexibility, reduced waste, automation compatibility, and customization.

This jetting kit gives you a perfect entery to introducing jetting in your application. The selected nozzle diameters give you the freedom to test water-like liquids (e.g. with 100µm nozzle) as well as liquids with higher viscosity (e.g. with 200µm nozzle).

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