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Gas Level Sensor | CO2


Dimensions: 29 x 10.25 x 18 mm3
Supply Voltage: 5 Vdc
Measuring Range: 400 – 5000 ppm
Interface: I2C
Allowable overpressure: 1 bar

Delivery time: 1 - 3 working days

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Gas Level Sensor | CO2

This gas level CO2 sensor is brought to you by our partner Sensirion.


  • Dimensions: 29 x 10.25 x 18 mm3
  • measuring range: 400-5000 ppm
  • Interface: I2C
  • Supply Voltage: 5 VDC
  • response time:
  • Allowable overpressure: 1 bar
  • Accuracy 400-1000 ppm
    • Baseline: ±50 ppm
    • Linearity: ±2.5%MV ppm
  • Accuracy 1001-2000 ppm
    • Baseline: ±50 ppm
    • Linearity: ±3.0%MV ppm
  • Accuracy 2001-5000 ppm
    • Baseline: ±40 ppm
    • Linearity: ±5.0%MV ppm
  • Humidity
    • range: 0-95%RH
    • accuracy: 6%RH
    • response time: 90 s
  • Temperature
    • temp. range: -10°C – 60°C / 14 °F – 140 °F
    • accuracy: 0.8 °C / 33.5 °F
    • response time: 120 s


Get to know the Bartels Mikrotechnik advanced CO2 sensor, specifically designed to fit seamlessly with our micropump and fluidic technology. Utilizing the cutting edge SCD4x series from Sensirion, our customized sensor leverages the photoacoustic NDIR sensing principle and incorporates Sensirion’s patented PASens® and CMOSens® technologies. This combination ensures very good accuracy and reliability in CO2 measurement, optimized for both stationary and online monitoring applications.

The compact design, offers good cost effectiveness and flexibility in integration, making it an ideal choice for designers seeking minimalistic yet powerful solutions.The on-chip SHT4x sensor, provides automatic signal correction for temperature and humidity, compensating for fluctuating conditions.

Perfect Fit

Our CO2 sensor is the perfect companion for The Bartels Pump | BP7 and the mp-Multiboard2 evaluation board, offering a hand in hand solution for fluid handling and monitoring systems.

The integration of the CO2 sensor with the Bartels family of products allows for precise and controlled environment monitoring. Furthermore, when combined with the mp-Multiboard2, users gain access to an expansive range of evaluation and control options, enabling detailed parameter adjustments and real-time data acquisition.

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Gas Level Sensor | CO2