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SLF3S Flow Sensors for liquids by Sensirion


  • SLF3S-0600F Flow Sensor – for Low Flow
    including: connection cable, tubing connector and mp-Damper Pulsation Damper
  • SLF3S-1300F Durchflusssensor – for High Flow
    including: connection cable, tubing connector and mp-Damper Pulsation Damper

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SLF3S Flow Sensors for liquids by Sensirion

Sensors are necessary when your application calls for accurate and specific flow rates. With these microfluidic sensors combined with our software, you have access to all parameters and can easily control them. These two sensors are brought to you by our partner Sensirion.


  • available as two models:
    • low flow: up to ±2000 μl/min (SLF3S-0600F)
    • high flow: up to ±40 ml/min (SLF3S-1300F)
  • dimensions: 48 x 15.5 x 8.9 mm
  • materials in contact with medium:
    • PPS, stainless steel 316L, epoxy-based adhesive


There are many cases in which it is crucial to properly measure the flow rate in a microfluidic system. That is why we have added the two liquid flow sensors to our portfolio.

Both sensors are already calibrated for water and IPA. The liquid flow sensors are made out of PPS, 316L stainless steel and an epoxy-based adhesive. They are also easily integrated into new and existing systems due to their small size. For further technical details, please refer to our accessories catalogue in the download are on our website.

With the liquid flow sensor, you open up many new applications for your microfluidic system. They work together really well with The Bartels Pump | BP7 – Tubing and mp-Multiboard2. If you want to see the sensor and the Multiboard in action, feel free to check out our YouTube channel. There, we often add the liquid flow sensor in order to have more control over the parameters as well as the outcome of the experiment.

Every sensor is shipped with all necessary accessories to properly fit the sensor to the mp-Multiboard2 and the fluidic system. That way, the sensor readout can also be seen in the Multiboard software. There is no need to switch between applications when controlling the micropump and checking the sensor readout simultaneously.

For use with our micropump The Bartels Pump | BP7 – Tubing, we recommend the use of a pulsation damper, which you can get directly included in the store.

One liquid flow sensor is included in the mp-advance kit and is also easily added to the mp-select kit. If you have any questions regarding which microfluidic sensor works best with your application, feel free to contact us.

We do recommend to buy our mp-damper with this product to minimize fluctuations during measuring.

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