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Microfluidic Chip Plugs by microfluidic ChipShop


  • mini luer plugs.
  • for microfluidic ChipShop products
  • material: TPE.
  • packaging unit: 10 pcs.


Delivery time: 1 - 3 working days

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Microfluidic Chip Plugs by Microfluidic ChipShop


These fluidic chip plugs by microfluidic ChipShop are for use with their mini luer system. We have many of microfluidic ChipShops products in our catalog, and all of them use the mini luer system. To effectively plug those connections, use this handy item. Simple but effective!

Chip Plug Specifications

  • Compatibility:
    • Fluidic plugs designed for use with the mini luer system by Microfluidic ChipShop.
    • Compatible with a wide range of Microfluidic ChipShop products as most of them use the mini luer system.
  • Material
    • The fluidic plugs are made from opaque TPE.

Key Features

  • Effective Sealing:
    • Ensures secure and reliable plugging of mini luer connections.
  • Soft TPE:
    • The softer TPE allows for the luer connections to be sealed easier without much force compared to PP plugs.


  • Ease of use:

    • Easy sealing and reduced risk of damaging the fluidic chip when installing the plugs because of their softness.
  • Reliability:
    • Offers consistent performance and dependable sealing.
    • The TPE plugs are able to withstand greater forces than the plugs made from PP.


You might also want the Microfluidic Chip Connectors to connect our Tygon or Silicon Tubing to the mini luer connections.

Data sheets

All necessary documentation, manuals, and software can be found on our homepage in the download section.


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